Monday, November 3, 2008

NEVERWAS there a better party

As most of the two people that read my blog know, this past weekend was Avitable's Halloween party. Pete and I attended it. And? It was AWESOME!

I met so many people there. I'm not usually one to go out and meet other bloggers, because I don't really feel cool enough. I don't blog often, I don't even know how to check to see if anyone is reading my journal, or add links, or upload pictures, or well, any of the "normal" things that bloggers do. But Avi lives kind of close to me, and I have met him before, so I felt slightly more comfortable meeting bloggers with him around.

If you haven't been to Avi's Avitaween parties before, I highly recommend it. There was food, liquor, beer, a bartender, karaoke, a blood red pool, and lots and lots of fun, interesting, and creative people. Not everybody was a blogger, some of the people were fortunate enough to know Adam personally, in a non-internet sort of way, and while they didn't talk to me much, they seemed cool, too.

Pete and I went as a Pimp, and his #1 Ho, respectively. Pete bought his costume at a Halloween store, I got my costume from my closet. While I have never worked as a ho, per se, before kids I was kind of a slut. (slight understatement) I'm pretty sure that I had actually worn the exact outfit out to a bar to see a local band play maybe 4 or 5 years ago.

I would like to talk about all the wonderful people I met, but I'm afraid to because I don't know how to link to them all, so I'm hoping that this will work. I'm trying something I've never done before, and if you can go visit all these websites, then it did otherwise, I'm an ass, ans I'm sorry. Also, I kissed a lot of women. I will link to those women in here, but since I haven't seen any of them admitting to kissing me, I won't tell you who is who. Nah Nah!

I was very excited to meet the beautiful Faiqa. Actually, she's the only Faiqa I know of, but it must be said that she is beautiful, in every reference, because, she is stunningly beautiful. I know that Pete really enjoyed her company, I'm sure as much for her intelligence, and passionate debating, as for her amazing good looks.

Hilly and I bonded, and since she at least admitted on her blog that she kissed some girls, I can tell you she is one of the girls I was fortunate enough to make out with. Pete was also fortunate enough to make out with her, and she was very respectful telling him that she wouldn't until she had heard from me that it was O.K. I thought that was sweet. She could have easily decided that I was too drunk, or too slutty to care, but she stood her ground.

Finn was actually the first person I met at the party (aside from the bartender) and she was very nice, and seemed pretty laid back. She and her husband talked with Pete and I long enough for us to get socially lubricated (a little drunk), so we could go on to try to be the life of the party. A mission that failed, since there were so many outgoing, exuberant people we couldn't lay claim to that title.

Wow, this is getting tough. Karl was dressed as a shim, and it took Pete and I half the party to figure out that he had a half shaved beard... we thought he was just really ugly, until we noticed that the ugly half was his beard.

Nis and Cher were the only people that we exchanged numbers with. Pete really liked them, but for the life of me I can't remember if they have a blog, or where to find it.

Oh, I can't forget my fellow Pittsburger, Becky. She was everything I'd imagined she'd be - sweet, happy, beautiful - and more - she allowed Pete to lick her. Really, I have to admit that I had really been looking forward to meeting her, and I feel like she was worth the wait, and I hope I can visit her when I take my random trips home to Pgh for rides at Kennywood.

I'm sure there were more. I know there were more. There was Sheila (Charm School Reject) who I met early on, and then lost track of, and Deanna Banana who was not the girl dressed as a Banana, and so many, many more.

I think Pete and I have learned a valuable lesson. We love bloggers, and the blogging community, and we will try to participate in more of these events. Also? We will definitely be at all of Adam's parties... as long as we're invited back.

P.S. If I met you and didn't link to you, or mention you, I'm sorry. I'm sure you were awesome. If I kissed you and didn't link to you, I'm VERY SORRY, you were a GREAT kisser. If you are Delmer I didn't mention you cause I didn't know if you would want to read the mommy blog of the woman who let you take pictures of her boobs... and everyone knows that you have to read blogs who link to you.


Finn said...

It was terrific meeting you! For the record, you looked adorable, not slutty.

And I loved Pete. I especially loved watching him debate Faiqa!

Finally, I hope that Delmer posts the pictures of your boobs. I missed that!

Karl said...

Great to meet you guys, too! Had a blast. Don't worry, the other half of the beard is gone now, too.

hello haha narf said...

woman, if you don't touch base with me when you come to the burgh, i am going to be pissed off. that is a mood that i don't really enjoy, so be sure to keep me happy by letting me know when you will be in town!

so glad you had a great time at the party. adam sure knows how to go overboard! great fun...

Happy Mommy said...

Finn: Adorable? Yay! Not slutty? Poor choice of costume, then. :-)

Pete really appreciated you talking to him through his shy phase. He wanted me to make sure to thank you for that.

I hope Delmer posts the pics, too. But I'm pretty sure he promised not to. I didn't ask him to make that promise, but some people are just funny that way.

Karl: You mean you didn't go into the office yesterday with half a beard?

HelloHahaNarf: I definately will! Do you like roller coasters? Go Steelers!

hello haha narf said...

LOVE me some roller coasters. it is the ones that spin in circles that i can't handle...they make me wanna hurl like several party goers. :)

whall said...

I had already regretted not making it but this review makes me cry that I missed it.

Crybaby. That's what I can go as next year.

delmer said...

I just downloaded the photos from my camera. If a person were to read my blog the last year they'd find several posts about how I never smile for the camera.

That's not the case in this photo.

As it is, my mom reads my blog.

New York City's Watchdog said...

Bloggers do normal things?

Well I'll be damned.

Avitable said...

Thanks for coming - it was nice to meet Pete and good to see you again!

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

When you lost track of me its because one minute I was talking drunk politics with your fabulous husband, then I went to pee and refresh my drink, then I came outside and fell asleep. Pete knew which corner I was working that night - should've asked him.

Why didn't you wake me up? I didn't get to kiss a single person - other the nipple tease Adam gave me. ::Sigh:: I was actually just telling my husband last night that I was a little disappointed by this. And boobs? Ugh. I'm so upset now.


I had such a great time hanging out with you. I plan on taking over Orlando in the spring and forcing Adam to hang out with me - I will make you hang out too.

Faiqa said...

Not cool enough? You are totally cool, my dear. And stunningly beautiful? Awww. Are you sure you didn't meet someone impersonating me? ;)

becky said...

I was with Sheila (one of the bitches who didn't wake her up)!! You flashed me your boobs more than once and I loved it! It was great meeting you and Pete. And I felt so awesome to be able to hold his pimp cane!

Seriously, I really did enjoy meeting you:)