Thursday, November 13, 2008

"They're born that way"

I have lately discovered that I am not a very tolerant person. I am not tolerant of people who dismiss me because my opinion differs from theirs. (This is not to anybody in my blogosphere... it's someone I know personally) I am not tolerant of laziness - unless it's my own, because I never ask anybody else to take care of my responsibilities, I simply accept that due to my laziness, I may have to sleep on not so fresh sheets. I have no tolerance for whining. Nobody in my life has ever gotten anything from me by whining about it.

But where it really shows, is that I have absolutely zero tolerance for pedophiles. I think they should be killed upon discovery. They cannot be rehabilitated because they are not showing a learned behaviour. And you can make the argument that often times they are victims of childhood abuse, but I say that if we start killing them off now, then we will not have to worry about 'continuing the cycle.' I think anybody who molests a child, in any way, should be shot immediately following their trial.

The fact is, that pedophiles are born with the same type of(chemical?) imbalance that gay people are. Gays don't choose to be gay. They don't wake up one morning and think I'd rather stop living this normal life, and start living a life that I have to keep hidden in order to be fully welcomed and accepted by everybody. No, from early childhood they are 'different.' I remember in kindergarten that there were girls I wanted to hang around with because they were so pretty. I wished I could cuddle and snuggle with them. I also remember knowing that I couldn't tell anybody I felt that way because it was not an acceptable way to feel. I knew that I could tell my folks about the boys I thought were cute, but I could never tell them I thought girls were cute, too. As an adult, I still don't tell everybody I know that I find women attractive.

Pedophiles aren't gay... necessarily. They are attracted to children. Since I am not a pedophile, I do not know what it is they find attractive about children. Maybe it's their innocence. Maybe it's the angelic/cherubic faces. Maybe it's that they are weak. Maybe it's something else entirely that I haven't thought of. What I do know, is that it's a crime to have sex, or any type of sexual relations with a child. Fortunately, I have the law on my side. The law also says it's a crime, but even if it didn't, *I* would know that it's a crime. It changes a person. Even if they try not to show it, or they themselves don't notice the change, it changes them. It changes the way they perceive themselves. It changes the way the look at others. It destroys their sense of trust. And, it changes how they view sex.

Sex should be wonderful. It should be comfortable, and orgasmic, and fun. If you are only comfortable having sex in the dark, but you DO enjoy it, you are normal. If you enjoy sex in the daylight, or in the car in the parking lot, in the rear, or in the mouth, you are normal. If sex makes you feel dirty, guilty, ashamed, lonely, or any other negative emotion, you are not normal. And this is just one result of the crime of sexual relations with children. There are many, many, many results of the crime of sexual relations with children. Some are big noticeable results: criminal behaviour, depression, suicide, becoming abusers. Others are not so noticeable: slutty behaviour, quiet/shy behaviour, anger issues, self-esteem issues. These latter are so unnoticeable because they are 'normal' behaviours for some people.

I think that the Megan's Law that was instituted in 1996 is a start, but it is waaaaay too lenient. It only ensures that sex offenders (pedophiles) have to register where they live. And that when you move into a new neighborhood, you can do the research to find out if they live nearby. But this is not enough. I don't want to know that my neighbor down the street might lure my children into his home if I don't keep a close enough eye. At this age (1 and 3) I am with them every second of the day. what about when they're 8 and want to ride their bike around the development? To their friend's house? How do I relax, knowing that a person is lurking around watching them and thinking about how to destroy their lives most fully?

I have ties to someone on Megan's Law, and I used to know another. I believed their stories about how they were falsely accused. I let it roll off my back the same as if they had told me that in high school they were band geeks and nobody wanted to be their friend. Then, as I got to know them better, I realized these were sick people. People that I wouldn't want around my kids, or any kids at all. The more I got to know them, the more I wish it was legal for me to shoot them, in order to ensure the protection of future children, and their families. And you can talk about compulsion control, or whatever the phrase is, that if we "rehab" these sex offenders, that just because what they want is a crime, it does not mean that they will act on it. But I call bullshit. If that were the case, we wouldn't have a problem with "repeat" sex offenders. The person in my life that is on the Megan's Law list, allegedly molested a 13 year old girl. Since he was put on Megan's Law, he has slept with 17 year olds, a few 20-somethings, and his wife - who is chubby and cherubic looking. He is a sick pup. He is 39 years old, and he has several children with several women, and he has been fired from job after job for sexual harassment. He cheats on his wife with a girl he's been sleeping with since she was 17 (she's 19, now) and he makes no apologies. He thinks that as soon as a girl is old enough to "get the tingle between her legs" she is old enough to want to be seduced by him.

I think that 12 years ago when he was put on Megan's Law, he should have been carried out of the courtroom, and shot. I do not think that any of his seemingly redeeming qualities are worth his shortfalls. He and others like him need to be wiped from the earth. What's worse? He knows that it's a mutation that makes him find children attractive, and when I told him that he should have been killed, along with every other pedophile in the world, he claimed that I would be killing Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and the rest of the X-Men.

I'm so full of anger and hate towards him, and others like him. I don't think that any of them should be allowed to live. In my opinion ....

Gah! I've been writing this for over an hour. I can't continue any longer, my kids gotta eat.

Feel free to tell me that I'm an ass, and should value life more. I do value life. I don't value their lives.


Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

I'll make a confession. Been there, done that - it's rough being a "victim". How you perceive things in your world changes instantly. You grow up and while you still manage to be somewhat normal, there are things that your husband cannot say to you because HE said them to you for two years. You still have nightmares; you still get that sick feeling in your stomach; you always fear for your child's safety around strangers and even family. Even worse, when the abuser is someone that you can never, ever tell on, lest it rip apart your entire family.

That all being said, I agree with you. Take 'em all out back and shoot them. When it comes to a child, there should be no second chances.

Happy Mommy said...

I'm very sorry to hear that you had to deal with this type of sick fuckbag. Aside from having been young, why did you feel that ripping apart your family was a risk not worth taking to put the ass away? It would break my heart to think of someone I love hurting a child, but it would tear me up much worse to not be told, and find out years later.

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

Emailing you on this one, babe.

delmer said...

I don't think pedophiles can help being pedophiles, but I don't think we need to put up with them. I've made the same comment about shooting them on the way out of the courtroom.

I've also read of a case where an 18-year old guy was sleeping with his 17-year old girlfriend, her parents got wind of it and prosecuted him. He now has to register as a sex offender. Things like that need to be re-examined. It's unfair and sort of waters down (in my opinion) the true intent of Megan's Law.

Happy Mommy said...

I agree. Which is why I think that if accusing someone of being a pedophile was sentencing them to death, fewer people would make false accusations. Also, "Age of Consent" laws should be clearer, and across the board. I know in NJ, age of consent is 16, but it only allows for a 4 year age difference. So a 16/20 relationship is acceptable, a 16/21 is not.

Mindy said...

I think rehab is a joke and a waste of tax payer's money. Shoot them all or if you really want to have fun string them up by their testicles until they rot and fall off and then shoot them.

Happy Mommy said...

I bet we could make some pretty satisfying torture chambers for them. Hmm.