Monday, January 12, 2009

Life is too busy for blogging.

I know it has been a while since I've blogged. I'm sorry. I know that my last post was depressing. I'm sorry for that, too. But it was well written, I think. So that's good.

My life has been busy. I have been adjusting along with everybody else to the new living arrangement. I think that's going well. We seem to have settled into a living each of our lives they way we choose, while remaining courteous of everyone else. While the holiday season was filled with family, and presents, and hub-bub, all my normal routines closed up for several weeks. Forcing me to find new ways to entertain my children. Not too many new ways, mind you. Lucian got a Leapster 2 for Christmas, and he has been perfectly content to play on it for hours when I let him. Valentino got a circus tent that was also a bounce house, and a ball pit. (it's 4x4x4 so it fits in the playroom) So he was mostly content to crawl in and out of there and throw balls all over the house. Did you know that even though there's a waist-high wall around the playroom, the balls can be found in the living room, the bathroom, and the bedrooms? I hadn't thought about that much when I chose the gift.

I've continued my search for girlfriends. I've hung out at the parks like a vagabond looking for well-behaved children who are similarly aged to my two. And then, when I find them, I look for the mom. Is she on the cell phone the whole time? I don't want to be her friend. Is she hovering over them so they couldn't possibly have the freedom to act up? I don't want to be her friend. Is she wearing heels and a skirt to the park? I don't want to be her friend. Maybe I'm too picky. BUT! A week or two ago, I found a mom who looked like she had a head on her shoulders, and she was letting her 3 year old daughter play at the park even though it was raining! And she was available to her daughter for swinging or catching, but mostly she just watched from the sidelines. My kind of woman!

Since she and I were the only two at the park in the rain, I was less nervous about talking to her as I would have been if she was one of twenty. I would have assumed that she was life-long friends with one of the other moms and wouldn't have time for me. But I approached her, and we talked. Our kids played together, and all was well. At the end of our time at the park I gave her my number, with the explanation that I'm awful at calling people. Even when I want to. Last week, she called me, and today we went to a different park, together, and we had a blast. We snacked together, and we had similar snacks! Our kids fought over a shovel, and we both sat and watched while they worked it out between them! We admitted to each other that our kids sometimes swear, just testing which words are OK, and that it's our own fault! And when I told her that Lucian's learning how to read by sounding out the letters, she told me her daughter is doing flash cards, and it's coming along well! YAY!!!!

I hope this turns to a real friendship. She seems down to earth with similar concerns where her children are involved, and even though she works and I don't, she seemed to have a pretty open schedule. And she has two children, 7 and 3, and they were both very well-behaved, and considerate of both of my boys, and I think this could be fun!

I think this week is my county fair, and next week we think we might go to the beach. So if all of that goes well... when do I start doing things like inviting them over for lunch? Is that next? Well, I guess I'll have to see.

Anyway, I've been busy. I plan to continue to be busy. But, I will try to update slightly more often.


Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I'm so happy for you!! That's great that you put yourself out there and that you finally found someone in your area that is not a douchebag! Woo hoo for that!

I love the "Did she wear heels and a skirt? I don't want to be her friend." succession LOL.

I am the crazy mom playing in the mud puddle with my boy so I need to find moms who like mud pies too I guess. Hmmmm - do they sell those on Ebay?

Happy Mommy said...

Yeah. I hope it goes on and on, she seems pretty cool.

We need more crazy moms... I'm gonna put up an ad on Craigslist.

whall said...

now all you need to do is give her your blog address and she can see you obsessing over it. :)

delmer said...

I never would have pegged you for someone concerned about talking to others. Though I do understand the pre-screening process, especially when one's children are concerned, but.

(Having said that, I keep to myself in most situations.)

Congratulations on finding a potential play-date person.

Happy Mommy said...

Whall: Do think that'd work? She might be flattered.

Delmer: I don't think I was ever shy before, but I never cared before if someone wanted to be my friend. But there's more at stake here than whether I have people to invite to the next party I throw. Well, except the next party I throw will probably be my sons' birthday parties.