Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feeling Better

Well, it's been another few days of my new routine with the kids and the chores. I'm feeling better. Lucian is behaving better, and Val is napping better.

I knew that this, too, would pass. The kids are still a bit clingy, but we're adjusting.

Of course, just as we get under way with our new version of happiness, life takes an unexpected turn. The economic crisis, or poor decisions by individuals (not myself), or petty bullshit between friends has caused a need in my family. We have a need to become a multi-generational family. Pete and I will be moving our family into his parents' house. It's not in the town I chose to live in, so I hope we won't be there too long. I hope to be able to move my kids back into the land of good school systems and choice by the time the kids are in like 2nd grade. But honestly, I don't know if we can move that quickly. Pete and I have some ideas, but we're not positive we can make them work.

It's going to be a struggle for everybody. The kids have gotten used to Mom-mom and Pop-pop's house being a rules-free zone, and now they'll have to cope with it being at least as structured as I have been working to make this house. Pete and I have gotten used to being able to prance around naked after the kids go to bed, and when they're visiting at Mom-mom and Pop-pop's. Now, there will be no nakedness outside of the bedroom, and there will be no more kid-free weekends since there will be nowhere to send them. Mom-mom and Pop-pop have gotten used to living a quiet life while they get by in semi-retirement, now they will have a house full with 4 adults, 2 children, and 3 dogs. HOLY MOLY!

Some days (since this decision was reached) I sit and weep over what I'll be losing. Other days I sit in awe at the things I'll be gaining. Mostly, I'm just terrified of change. Which is unusual. I was once accused of being a gypsy. Not that the person thought I was foreign, or that I went around wearing broomstick skirts and lots of jingling jewelry and beating on a tambourine for money, just that I moved around a lot. I ever wanted to be stationary. I wanted to live a life of many apartments in lots of different places, I even had a dream of living in my car and driving across the country getting part time jobs in any town I chose to stay in for a few months. (Have you ever seen the movie "Chocolat" - that life was pretty perfect for my dream.) But now, it seems that I have finally gotten everything I wanted - a home, a family, a future... now I'm terrified of change. I'm afraid that change really means destruction of everything wonderful about my life.

Maybe it will all be great. It could be. I believe that. I just don't want to be miserable. I don't want my family to be miserable. And honestly, I have a great relationship with Pete's parents right now, and I don't want to lose that, either.

Right now, my life is back in limbo while we get ready to pack, and try not to tell the kids too much about where we're moving so they don't get impatient, and I have to go shopping for a few things that we can't live without even in the new house.

Maybe I'll have something for you to read about when I get back from shopping.


whall said...

Whoa, that *is* a big change! But make the lemonade out of lemons and don't let any of the juice get in your eye or the cuts and don't set it aflame.

Jamie said...

You don't make lemonade!! You stuff the lemons in your bra and give yourself bigger boobs!!

When things get bad, just remember it could be worse...

you could be living with MY inlaws

Happy Mommy said...

Lemonade. Ew. All I think of when I hear lemonade, is "Milk, milk, lemonade, 'round the corner _____ is made."

Damn. 2 am, and I can't remember what word goes there - well, I could I was just saying to myself,and then I went to type it out - WHAM! gone from my brain indefinately.

I really don't think it will be too bad. Pete and I can get through aanything together. Just, it will be *different.*

And you know, generally people hate things that are different... there must be a reason for that.

Happy Mommy said...

FUDGE! FUDGE is made! Woo, only 20hours later.

Amber said...

Hi, Allyson!

I'm a new reader, over from Avitable's place. I read your comment on Palin/McCain and... WELL SAID! I couldn't agree with you more.

Then, I came over to check out your site and was reading a bit. You've got spunk! I like you. :)

Hope you don't mind a new reader...

Thanks for articulating your point of view so well over at Avitable's place. That was awesome to read!