Monday, September 8, 2008

Kick-Off Family Style

Yesterday was the first Football Sunday of the season. It was pretty awesome. Of course Val is sick, so there was a lot of getting up to get medicine, and he was napping at odd times, but while he was up he sat with me and Pete on the couch-bed and relaxed.

The couch-bed. That is what Pete and I have decided will be our Football Sunday tradition. We'll pull out the couch-bed, eat snacks, and watch all three football games. We'll chase the kids around the house during half-time, and pre-game, and let the kids have movies on the playroom tv when they get bored of football.

Do you have traditions built around sports? How do you get your kids involved in the things you love?


Miss Britt said...

Um, I just now noticed you had a blogspot blog.


Happy Mommy said...

Yeah, it's still Generic, but I guess it's a step up. Someday, I hope to have a real blog.