Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weeee! Debating.

I have been debating on other people's blogs. It's fun. It reminds me of when the WWW was first created, and lots of people had message boards, and chat rooms, and I used to get into heated discussions with people I didn't know. Only this time, it's seemingly itelligent people with better things to say than, 'Well, you're ugly and stupid, and that's why no one likes you!" It's good too, because when I try to debate with Pete's cousin Joey, he always wins due to the fact that he gets louder than me, and I get frustrated with being yelled at, and give up. Here on my adored WWW I can get my turn to say something, and believe that it's being read, and um... I'm at a loss for words. I want to say ingested, but I think that's wrong. I really should go back to school to keep my brain functioning better. Basically, I believe that the people I'm debating with are at least thinking about what I have to say. They may not agree, and generally have something to say back, but at least when they do they're not just giving me virtual raspberries.

Of course it's also inspiring me to do more research. Because most of what I know of the world (politically speaking), comes from my discussions with Pete. in which, he reads something, it causes him angst, he talks to me about it during our cigarette breaks, and we discuss how we feel about it, how we see the issue and so on. Usually he has to give me the background on why the issue is important, and then once I am armed with that information, I think on it between cigarette breaks, and discuss it further with him. and while that's good, mostly he and I agree. He's a little right of center, I'm a little left of center, but ultimately, there's not much that he and don't agree on.

I think in the light of debating with people who seem further left than me, I will have to start doing my own reading. I guess that I will try to use my computer time more wisely.


whall said...

Another think I like about the printed / published / blogged word is that one can prepare a response and not necessarily flustered by the argument itself. Some people can "win" arguments, as you said, by being louder or having the knack of a verbal debate.

Unfortunately, we lose the ability to emote, and things sometimes don't come across right.

whall said...

....and I meant "thing"

Happy Mommy said...

Yes, the loss of tone of voice, or facial expression does lead to a lot of confusion. I often have that problem anyway, though, because I'm VERY convincing when I 'pretend' to be an asshole.

Anonymous said...

You're not left of center, dearie. You're firmly in the right of center just judging by a few of your entries here. You may feel like you're left of center, but only in comparison with people who are strongly right-wing.