Friday, September 5, 2008

My Grown-Up Blog

I am eventually going to actually tear down all my old blogs. I feel that they are no longer a decent representation of who I am. And while they do give insight into who I was, I feel like since my kids were born,or perhaps since I moved to Florida, I have gone through a transformation. I have let go of a lot. I have breathed in the peace and tranquility, and exhaled the bitterness, snarky-ness, and mean-ness. I guess, a lot of my old blogs revolved around me trying to 'prove to the world' that I was "better" than the people who dropped my friendship like a bad habit. And told me that I was a bad habit. I don't want to focus on them, or that, anymore. I want to focus on what's important to me now. My kids (and the rest of the family), my community, my experiences.

And despite my title, I will sometimes complain about my in-laws, or toddlers... but in a sort of frustrated, 'this too, shall pass' sort of way. I love them, I really do, but some days are better than others.

These days, everyone is talking about which candidate they'll vote for. It's a time when normally well-adjusted adults start getting petty, and childish, and nit-picky. What it comes down to for me is this: the candidates are human, too. They all have their character flaws. They have their families who do not necessarily have their best interests at heart. They have pasts.

I have a past, too. One that while I do not deny it, I also do not feel that it should destroy the person I am, or the person I am capable of being.

However, what matters to me, in this election is that McCain has proven time and time again that he loves this country, and he wants this country to prevail and prosper. He recognizes that we are in a time of history when we need to show our iron side. I have two children. I like to let them do whatever they like. I enjoy letting them run around and go crazy. I like to spoil them, with toys, freedoms, and letting them decide how to govern themselves. But they get out of hand. They start to not listen to me, they start to think I am incapable of enforcing the rules I have set out. When this happens I usually spend a week coming down hard on them. Sending them to their room for each tiny rebellion. yelling at them in my scary voice, with my ugly face on. Spanking them when necessary. And after a few days to a little over a week, they are back to being my little angels that I can allow to have some independence. McCain knows that we are in a period of coming down hard on the world. And I make this analogy, because as the superpower of the world, we have the responsibilty of keeping as much peace and control as we can.

I know that as a parent, I am expected to lead through example. I also know that while one of my children responds to being sent to his room, the other only responds to the ugly face. I am a unique person, and my children are individuals.

McCain sees that what seemingly works for Europe (a whole other matter I won't get into right now) won't work for America. McCain has the researchable history to prove that he stands firm on his beliefs, and does what he feels is right. Obama, has only 2 years in Congress voted on almost nothing during those two years, and his most gut-wrenching decision as he put it, was voting against the war... while he was in the state senate in Illinois. Which means that his vote meant very little... he had no real say in what the NATION was going to do about the war. Obama wants to force Americans into buying health insurance. Health insurance companies are a private business. If it becomes a law that every American who can afford it must buy it, that is the equivilant of them levying a tax. Obama wants to make it possible for private industry to levy a tax people!!!! Obama wants to make SUV's illegal. Because they're not green. And while I'm all about doing right by mother nature, I don't think the government should regulate this for me. I want my government to do what it promised. Protect me from outsiders, provide me with oppurtunity to better myself, and allow me to believe and say and do what I want. I do NOT want the goverment to protect me from me. I do not want the government to patronize me and tell me that I am incapable of making the right decision so I have none to make.

*SIGH.* I don't know how long this post is. I do know that no one will read it. I'm feeling a bit spent. I'm sorry if you did read this and it doesn't wrap up nicely for you. Perhaps i'll come back to it later.

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